Sunday, 27 January 2013

Undead Dungeon

This Dungeon is slightly different from other dungeons and maps as there is no objective or quest from this dungeon it is used just to get cool characters.

Where to access this Dungeon:

This on the normal map and press the explore button when you are on the castle.

Birds Eye View:

Boss Location (Arch lich)

Undead Warrior
Crypt Soldier
Crypt Knight
 Undead Knight
Skelly Soldier
Arch Lich


There are 2 ways too get this character and below i will explain how you could get this character.

How does it look:

How to get him:
1. You can get the skelly soldier rank 10 and pay 4 soul gems to get this chracter
2.You can buy this character from the shop for 5 soul gems.

Skelly Soldier

This character is from the Undead dungeon and i will show you how this character looks and how to get him.

What does it look like:

Where to find it:
Just explore the undead dungeon

Undead Knight

This character is from the undead dungeon and it you can only get it from the undead dungeon i will show you where to get this character and some game play!

What does it look like:

Game Play:
Location in Undead Dungeon:

Crypt Knight

Another character which from the undead dungeon and you can only get it from the undead dungeon. I will show you how it looks like and how its animations work with some game play!

What does it look like:

Some Game Play:

Crypt Soldier

Another character which you can only get from the undead dungeon and he looks very cool now i will show you where to get and how its animations look like.

What does it look like:

Some Game play:
Where to find it:

Note: This location is where you start

Undead Warrior

This character is available from the undead dungeon and this character does not have a random spawn so i will show you where to get this undead character.

What does it look like:

Where to find in the dungeon:

Too get to this dungeon read its page on how to/ where to find it.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Access Points:
Through the Sleepy Wolf Inn
/join cellar

Big Ben 

The monsters on this map roam freely to engage in battle with them hit the battle button above there head.
Big Ben is only Unlocked when 12 normal rats have been defeated


Darkon Drago

From the Character shop for 12 Soul Gems
A random respawn from the Minotaur Dungeon.

First ever character to be suggested and also the first ever character to have side animations.

How does it look:

And some game play

Sleepy Wolf Inn

Rat Problem

Rat Reward Shop


Sleepy Wolf Inn Quest: Rat Problem

Quest Objectives:

Rat Problem:

2. Talk to Monica
3. Read the story

5. Now and kill all 12 Rats and then Kill Big Ben
6. After you have killed all the Rats go back to Monica to unlock the Reward shop where you willbe able to buy Big Ben and the Rat.

Big Ben/ Rat

Unable to be possessed it can be brought after the completion of the quest "Rats in the cellar  from the rat shop for 250 Gold for Big Ben and 100 Gold for the Rat.

What does it look like?

Where to get it?
Click on this text to learn on how to complete the quest to gain this character.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Treasure Chest Trap

You will get 500 to 1000+ gold for defeating the treasure chest.
It appears to have a mix of earth and shadow attacks.
This monster cannot be possessed.

How it looks:

Where to find it:
To find this character it is located in the dungeon.Click the link to learn where in the dungeon to find the chest.


This character is slightly different from the other characters as instead of being a random spawn from the dungeon the Minotaur is a quest reward. He is acquired from the defeat of the Taurus. Click the link to learn how to find him.

What does he look like:

How to get him:
He costs 5 souls gems or 50,000 gold to buy however you must complete a quest to unlock a shop. Click the link to learn where to find and how complete the quest.

Stone Assassin

This is another character which is available from the labyrinth dungeon she is a random spawn monster so  i would advice every few steps in the dungeon you press explore so that will help you find her.

Her looks and game play

Where to find her:
Read the paragraph above, watch the video or just explore the dungeon

Stone Knight

This character is another which available from the labyrinth dungeon there is no fixed location for this character so when you are in the dungeon every few steps press the explore button.

What does he look like:

Earth Golem

This is another character which is available from the labyrinth dungeon. He is a random spawned monster so there is no fixed location from where you can get him so i would advise every few steps in the dungeon press explore.

What does he look like:

where to get him:
Read the paragraph above or just explore the dungeon.


This character you will be able to get from the boss at labyrinth dungeon this character is 100% possess after killing the boss. This character is used as a quest item and upon receiving this character you must go back to the npc "Martha" and talk to here and you will unlock a shop with.

What does she look like:

To learn where to get her read the paragraph above or visit the link to learn where to get her.

Labyrinth Dungeon

So this is Oversoul s first ever Dungeon its really cool and fun to complete and has brought some fun new features in to the game. The three main ones are boss characters/Strong characters. The second one is that you can get fast gold if you encounter a treasure chest it gives around 500-1000 gold if beaten. And the last thing is the quest system being introduced to Oversoul.

Also now there are random encounters of different characters and new characters in the Dungeon with random respawn places a list of them is below:

Sonja Character
Earth Golem Character
Stone Knight Character
Stone Assassin Character
Minotaur Character
Treasure Chest Character
Darkon Dragon Character
So there are 3 new maps and i will show where the locations for the Treasure chest and the boss is to complete the quest.

The horned character is the boss
The treasure chest is the Treasure

Now to show you guys the maps

 Map 1:

Map 2:

Map 3:

1.Map 2 and 3 look the same so to find the boss it will take trial and error
2.When going around the map you will encounter monsters randomly just kill them
3.The Treasure chest is not a 100% drop character
4.In the lobby accessed from a npc called "Martha"

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Father Minute, Father Hour And Father Time

So only one character was released this week and it was the Father characters made for the new year event.  This character is the 3rd character to go up to legendary form.
Also his 3 hit combo is very and i mean very good. I'm not sure about the 5 hit combo as it looks like a simple version of the founder champion animation. 

So now i will show you what each form looks like.

Father Minute
Veteran Form

Father Hour
Master Form

Father Time 
Legendary Form

I made a video of his game play

And where to find him

Thanks for Reading 
And Happy New Year