Sunday, 13 January 2013

Labyrinth Dungeon

So this is Oversoul s first ever Dungeon its really cool and fun to complete and has brought some fun new features in to the game. The three main ones are boss characters/Strong characters. The second one is that you can get fast gold if you encounter a treasure chest it gives around 500-1000 gold if beaten. And the last thing is the quest system being introduced to Oversoul.

Also now there are random encounters of different characters and new characters in the Dungeon with random respawn places a list of them is below:

Sonja Character
Earth Golem Character
Stone Knight Character
Stone Assassin Character
Minotaur Character
Treasure Chest Character
Darkon Dragon Character
So there are 3 new maps and i will show where the locations for the Treasure chest and the boss is to complete the quest.

The horned character is the boss
The treasure chest is the Treasure

Now to show you guys the maps

 Map 1:

Map 2:

Map 3:

1.Map 2 and 3 look the same so to find the boss it will take trial and error
2.When going around the map you will encounter monsters randomly just kill them
3.The Treasure chest is not a 100% drop character
4.In the lobby accessed from a npc called "Martha"

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