Saturday, 15 December 2012

Founder Reward

Finally the founder reward was unleashed as an anxious founder we finally receive our two reward.

1. The Founder Character it an light based character

2. Is the Founder status

Below i will explain both rewards and my opinions 

1. The character

 I think that he is an excellent character one of the best i have mainly due to the design i love the way Nulgath did the shading on the arm plates. The next thing i love about the character is its cards it has 2 unique cards Retribution and Greater Heal!

So what does it look like?

Founder Adept (Rank 1)

Founder Vet (Rank 4)

Founder Knight (Rank 10)

Founder Champion (Rank 20)

And for some of you guys you might want to see the Founder Adept in battle. So i  made a video.


Its simple founder get a green name and under their name they have founder written. This is really cool because it makes you stand out from a crowd and your easily spot able.

I think if you have the chance get this character he will go rare on the 1/1/13 

Thanks for Reading

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